Cheryl L. Grosso

Ms. Cheryl's Teaching Style

First let me say, that kids are my fuel! I love them dearly, all of them. Even the difficult ones. Sometimes I seem to love them more.

My approach to teaching art is as a tool to strengthen my students as individuals. To see the world in a way that is very detailed. Looking at the shadows (value) that create the depth of the beauty of nature! To enjoy the range of colors (rainbow) and understand how to visualize the spectrum that makes up those very colors!

Kids that struggle in academics can gain incredible confidence through learning a skill set in art. This can have an amazing effect on how a child (student) deals with subjects they find more difficult. When they master a skill, and the page comes alive to them they begin to understand that they are in control of how they proceed in the next challenge. That can be life changing for a child.


I've been an artist my entire life. I like to acknowledge that I know my Heavenly Father kindly gave this gift to me. It has always been obvious. There were times as a child I would sit down to draw and somehow would have that skill to do things without having done them before or been shown. I've always been amazed, and thankful I could do something on my own that gave me such joy and peace! How can you not want to share that with little children?

I can remember at the age of 3 drawing on my dads blueprints. I remember thinking they needed something pretty on them. Dad wasn't very happy with me, as you might imagine.

Art has carried me through some of the most difficult times of my life and taught me that even though I struggle in some area's of my life, I know I can succeed if I follow through and trust the process! That's what art has taught me.

I directed an art studio in Carmel Mountain from 2017 until 2021. While I was there I implemented art programs for children ages 4- 15. I taught several of the classes. In 2021, I decided to move into my own private studio as my husband Brian and I purchased an 8 acre parcel in Valley Center complete with a beautiful barn and guest house on top of it. I began holding classes and summer camps in June of 2022.

My goal is to continue teaching both children and adults fine art and cooking while I build on my own art pieces. I'd like to promote my own art as well as my students in local galleries.