Enrollment Jr. Artist III

Please be sure to schedule your assessment before enrolling your child.
Ellie Haayen Age 11 - Courtesy of ArtHaus5/Instructor Cheryl Grosso

Jr Artist III

Current class schedule:

Thursday 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Contact Cheryl if you need a different time slot.

Home school families; day time classes are forming. Please let me know the days and times you prefer.

Email me at: artwithmscheryl@gmail.com

Jr. Artist III
4 Week Session

The following links are for convenience and only suggestions for purchase. Each set can be purchased as needed for the current project assigned.  

Colored Pencils

This is a set of 72 pencils. If you prefer you can purchase a set of 90 pencils from this manufacturer.

Colored Pencil Paper

Chalk Pastels

This pack is 30 sticks but you can purchase the larger size if you prefer.

Chalk Pastel Paper

This link is for size 9×12. It also comes in size 11×14 if a larger size is preferred.