Supplies for Jr. Artists I

The following items are only suggestions.

Sometimes prices increase after I’ve done the research but as of 10-26-22 the cost of your child’s supplies is around $65.00. They should last you for the entire year (and beyond!).

Please contact Cheryl if you have any questions.


Pencils (Optional)

Blue Tape for Taping Down Paper

Brush Pen Markers

Eraser Toppers

Black Sharpies (12 pack is the same cost as a 2 pack)

Colored Pencils

Watercolor paint This is a set of tube paint that is very reasonable and will last for likely a couple of years.

Palettes This is optional. I have plenty of palettes for students to use. If you want your child to be able to use from home, this tool allows you to close the paint up as it folds over.

Brushes (I do supply brushes but if you want your child to have their own, this is what I suggest)

Chalk Pastels