Supplies for Jr. Artist II, and III

Greetings Parents!

You are NOT required to purchase all the supplies at one time.

The materials purchased from this list will last your child for the entire year (and beyond!).  I will let you know what project we are starting with and from the list I give you, you can find the product from the list below.

Please let me know if you have any questions

Colored Pencil Paper

Graphite Pencils

Blue Tape for Taping Down Paper

Colored Pencils 72  These are oil based colored pencils I have all the parents for intermediate level kids purchase. They are the best price I’ve found for this style of pencil which is great for blending. 72 or 96 is fine for purchase. It’s up to you and your budget.

Colored Pencils 96

Zero Point Erasers These are used for fine point details in drawings. The students will use them with graphite and colored pencils to take out value from a drawing that a large eraser cannot accomplish.

Water Color Paper

Watercolor Paint

Acrylic Paint

Canvas Pack 9×12

Brushes I have brushes my students can use for both watercolor or acrylic painting. If you would like for our student to have their own, this set seems to have brushes for both mediums and the price is really good at only $10.00.

Please contact Cheryl if you have any questions.