Birthday Parties at Rock Ranch!

Your Place or Mine!

Please fill out the request form below if you are interested in having Rock Ranch host your child’s birthday party.

We will schedule a 10 minute zoom meeting to include your child to discuss what they would like to do for their birthday party. Be sure to encourage them to consider the type of things they would like to have at their party!

A Non-Refundable Deposit of $100.00 will be required at lease 5 days in advance in order to secure the supplies and date for your child’s party.

For 2.5 hours your child can choose two items to add to their party. For example: if they would like a directed draw they could also create something with clay. Or, add a physical activity such as a scavenger hunt, obstacle course race or Nerf Gun war.

If you would like to have a third item, please add 30 minutes ($50.00) of time to your cost.

Baking Party Options
  • Cupcakes (from scratch with homemade buttercream frosting)
  • Choose up to two types of cookies. Example: chocolate chip and oatmeal.
  • Mini cakes with buttercream frosting and fondant shapes for decorating
  • Cake pops
  • Mini fruit pies/Hand Pies. The kids will make pie dough for crust. Choose up to two types of fruit for filling. Example: apple and cherry

Prior to baking, children will have a quick art lesson (15-20 minute directed draw) to learn how to draw the dessert they have chosen to make. The art will be drawn out only and then set aside to begin the baking lesson. After the we finish our baking lesson, we will return to our drawing to color it in.

Art Party Options
  • Directed draw with watercolor (Included in pricing)
  • Directed draw with acrylic painting (8 x 10 canvas board)
  • Clay sculpture – Polymer Clay (Premium pricing)
  • Paper quilling (Included in pricing)
  • Mosaic tiling (Premium pricing)
  • Trinket box design (Premium pricing)
  • Bird House (Premium pricing) Solid wood – *Details below

Pricing For Parties Held At Rock Ranch

  • Non-Refundable Deposit / 100
  • Minimum charge for 2.5 hours / 300 (up to 10 children)
  • Each additional Child add / 25
  • Traveling up to 15 miles add / 50
  • 16-25 miles add additional / 30
  • Polymer Clay add / 6 (per child)
  • Mosaic tiling add / 6 (per child)
  • Bird house add / 15 (per child) Not from Amazon
  • Trinket box add / 10 (per child)
  • 11×14 canvas board add / 3 (per child)
  • Each additional 30 minutes add / 50
Details about the bird house

The bird house is pre-cut by Cheryl with 1/4 inch solid wood. It stands approximately 7-8 inches and has pre-drilled holes for tiny nails to be hammered in.

Your child will sand, hammer and paint their bird house to a beautiful finish! With extended time, we can add ornamental creations as well.

Physical Activities to Choose From*

*Note: Time may need to be added (30 minute increments) with additional activities depending on other projects chosen

  • Nerf Gun Fight
  • Obstacle Course Race
  • 20 minute Hike
  • Water balloon or Water Gun or Game (Summer only)
Details about Quilling

Quilling is a form of paper art. Strips of paper approximately 1/8 inch thick or larger is threaded through a special needle. It’s wound onto the needle, removed and released to create a spiral that can then be shaped and glued to a piece of paper to create art.